Discord Nitro 2018 Crack with Free Hack Complete Download [100% Working]

What is Discord Nitro Crack ?

Discord Nitro 2018 Crack is a basically subscription to Discord for getting the premium services. The services started from Australia in 2016 and available globally in 2017. Nitro provide two kind of services: one is monthly and second user can subscribed annually. The company provide many methods of payment mode but most popular is PayPal. The PayPal  method is only valid, when the user have the options of backup payment method. In other words, user must have credit card or bank account attached with PayPal account. Since, there is a chance of failure the payment,therefore, backup payment will work. This is the service for those who wants the premium service but here we provide the crack service of Nitro.

Discord Nitro

Prominent Features of Discord Nitro

  • There are many features of Discord Nitro but here we will present whatever we tested. The features are following:
  • The user can easily access the service of GIF Avatar.
  • Discord Nitro Free provide the ability to use animated emoji.
  • Nitro discord also provide the service of custom emoji anywhere i.e. you can use at different server.
  • The main benefit of discord Nitro is maximum upload size,before this it can only 8 MB and now you can 50 MB.
  • Most important feature is screen resolution and now the support are 720p 60fps and 1080p 30fps.
  • You can also enjoy the Discord Nitro badge on your profile.
  • The awesome feature is change discriminator.

The official Launch Video

Discord Nitro launches the official video , that explain all the things you need to understand it.

What you get the services through Discord Nitro ?

  • There is no limit of accessing the library of critically acclaimed games. It has access to play the games with yours friends.
  • You can access million dollar worth of games using this free service.
  • The most important games that you can play are following:
    • Unleash
    • Dandara
    • Tooth and Tail
    • Last Day of June
    • Hob
    • The End is Nigh
    • De Blob
    • And many more …

What Discord Nitro Provide you Free ?

  1. You can play games with your friends and family members without any charges.
  2. You always connected with the people of community.
  3. Community connections and fun with friends and family.


You can download the free subscription here but you need to install the crack file. The link is give blow for your convince.

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