Parallels Desktop Crack Reddit

Parallels Desktop Crack Reddit

 Parallels Desktop Crack Reddit Users can run many operating systems on a single physical machine using Reddit, a virtualization program created by Parallels, Inc. Parallels Desktop enables the seamless integration of Windows, Linux, and other operating systems alongside macOS, the native OS of Mac computers, as opposed to dual-boot installations, where users must restart their machine to move between other OS environments. Virtual machines (VMs), which are separate software instances that simulate the hardware of a whole computer system, are produced using a technique called a hypervisor.

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Parallels Desktop Crack Reddit

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Parallels Desktop

The primary purpose of Parallels Desktop is to provide users with the ability to run multiple operating systems concurrently on a single machine. This feature is particularly valuable for a variety of use cases:

  1. Software Development and Testing: Developers can use Parallels Desktop to test their applications across different operating systems and configurations without needing multiple physical devices.
  2. Cross-Platform Compatibility: Businesses can utilize Parallels Desktop to ensure compatibility between applications designed for different operating systems, streamlining their workflows.
  3. Gaming: Gamers can enjoy games that are only available on certain operating systems, bridging the gap between gaming platforms.
  4. Education: Parallels Desktop is widely used in educational institutions to provide students access to various operating systems for learning purposes.
  5. Mac Users Needing Windows Applications: Parallels Desktop allows Mac users to run Windows applications without the need for a separate Windows PC.

Key Features

  1. Coherence Mode: This feature seamlessly integrates Windows applications with the macOS environment, allowing users to launch Windows apps directly from the macOS dock.
  2. Shared Folders and Drag-and-Drop: Files can be shared effortlessly between the host OS and the virtual machines using drag-and-drop or shared folders.
  3. Snapshot and Rollback: Parallels Desktop enables users to take snapshots of their VMs at specific points, providing a safety net for experimentation. If things go awry, users can revert to these snapshots.
  4. Resource Allocation: Users can allocate specific amounts of CPU, RAM, and disk space to each virtual machine, ensuring optimal performance for different applications.
  5. DirectX and OpenGL Support: Parallels Desktop supports DirectX and OpenGL, allowing users to run graphics-intensive applications, including games, with impressive performance.
  6. Co-Location of Mac and VM Applications: Parallels Desktop allows users to run Windows applications side by side with Mac applications without the need to switch between environments.
  7. Network Configuration: The software provides flexible network configurations, enabling users to choose between bridged, shared, or host-only networking for their VMs.
  8. Touch Bar Support: For MacBook Pro users, Parallels Desktop supports the Touch Bar, integrating it with Windows applications for enhanced functionality.
  9. Integration with Developer Tools: Developers can utilize Parallels Desktop’s integration with popular developer tools to streamline their coding and testing processes.

What’s New?

  • Apple M1 Chip Support: The new version is optimized to run on Macs equipped with the Apple M1 chip, offering improved performance and energy efficiency.
  • DirectX 11 and 12 Support: Enhanced graphics support with DirectX 11 and 12 brings better gaming and application performance to virtual machines.
  • Linux Integration: Tighter integration with Linux distributions makes running Linux-based applications smoother and more intuitive.
  • Multi-Touch Gestures: The new version introduces support for multi-touch gestures, allowing users to interact with Windows applications using gestures familiar from macOS.
  • Enhanced Performance: Performance improvements across the board, including faster startup times for virtual machines and smoother multitasking.

System Requirements

  • Mac Computer: Compatible with Intel-based Macs or Apple M1-based Macs.
  • Operating System: macOS 10.14.6 or later for Intel-based Macs, or macOS 11.2.3 or later for Apple M1-based Macs.
  • RAM: At least 4 GB (8 GB or more recommended).
  • Disk Space: A minimum of 500 MB for the application installation, plus additional space for virtual machines.

How to Install

  1. Download: Visit the Parallels Desktop website and download the installation package.
  2. Install: Double-click the downloaded file to start the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software.
  3. Activate: Launch Parallels Desktop and enter your activation key or sign in to your Parallels account.
  4. Create a Virtual Machine: Click “New” to create a new virtual machine. Follow the wizard to choose the operating system, configure settings, and install the OS.
  5. Install Guest Tools: Once the virtual machine is running, install the Parallels Tools (or Guest Tools), which enhance integration between the host and guest OS.


Parallels Desktop has transformed the way users interact with their computers by seamlessly integrating multiple operating systems on a single machine. Its powerful features cater to a range of needs, from software development and cross-platform compatibility to gaming and education.

With the latest version introducing support for the Apple M1 chip, improved graphics, enhanced Linux integration, and more, Parallels Desktop continues to evolve and meet the ever-growing demands of modern computing. Whether you’re a professional developer, a business owner, a student, or a gamer, Parallels Desktop offers a versatile and efficient solution for harnessing the potential of different operating systems in harmony.

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