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Viber for Windows Crack is the most using Voice IP messaging service. It is also an alternative to Skype. It supports both Mac and Windows systems. The users who do not have a mobile phone can make an account in the App after installing it on their Personal computer. The PC also works like the Mobile phone. You can remain in your contacts. All the familiar social media like Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, etc compete for all with such apps.  This app is very popular in all over the World. There are Millions of users in the world are using this Viber app.


There are many o the services like messaging, voice calls, and video calls. At the same time, you can make a video call to multiple numbers of people. There is an approximation that at the same time you can connect to more than 100 people by video call. It is a very simple and users friendly app. There are many of the features

are given below. You can download this app from our Website free of cost.

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Can Viber be used on a computer?

As your devices smoothly sync, you can send and receive messages, participate in group conversations, create stickers, and more with Viber on your PC. Check our Supported Platforms page to verify whether your desktop version is supported.


Can I use Viber on my computer without a phone?

Once you’ve registered and activated your Viber account, you may connect it to your PC without a phone number. Install Viber on your computer.

Why can’t I get Viber to work on my computer?

Viber may not open on your machine due to antivirus software or built-in Windows security mechanisms. If you have the program, we must authorize it over the Windows Firewall, or just whitelist it in your antivirus settings, and you are ready to go.

Is it possible to use Viber without a SIM card?

Is it possible to use Viber without a SIM card? Because Viber is completely free, it does not need a SIM card. If you don’t have one, you can only make calls when connected to WiFi.

Why don’t I have access to the Microsoft Store?

Check that you’re logged in to your Microsoft account. If you’re logged in to a local account, the Microsoft Store app may not be accessible. Check with your administrator if you’re using a work computer. The Microsoft Store app might have been disabled.

Is it possible to use Viber with an email address?

Connect your Viber account to an email address.

Simply add your email address to your Viber account, and you’ll have access to all of Rakuten’s sites and services with a single set of login credentials.

Viber Features:

  • Best-quality HD voice calls
  • Video calls
  • Text, photo, and sticker messages
  • Full sync between your mobile and Windows
  • Transfer ongoing calls between devices

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To use Viber on your Windows PC you will first need to install Viber on your mobile phone (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian, and Windows Phone apps available). Next, install the Windows desktop client on your PC and sign in to synchronize your contacts across the 2 devices. Then you’re done, call and chat to your heart’s content at no cost.

If you want to call other none VoIP users (landlines and mobile phones directly) you can use the Viber Out feature. These calls are not free but do come at very competitive rates. You can use Viber Out by adding credit to your Viber account. Call quality is generally excellent unless you are in an area with a poor internet connection.

Viber For Windows Crack Torrent Full Download

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